How to Brighten Your Home with Nature This Summer

Your home should be your sanctuary, the place you can go to feel relaxed and happy after a day of hard work and stress. In the summertime, sweltering temperatures and clutter can make it harder to enjoy your space, but there are ways to open and brighten your home to genuinely enjoy the summer sunshine.

For instance, you could invest in a beautiful solarium room in San Jose CA. Or you could start smaller, by bringing a bit of nature and brightness into your home with these summertime methods. 

Grow Windowsill Herbs and Bookshelf Succulents

Windowsill herbs and bookshelf succulents are easy to maintain and care for. They bring oxygen and an element of nature indoors, while also require little to no maintenance, so you can simply enjoy them being there except for occasional watering and care.

Succulents, like hen aloe or cacti, store water in their leaves, so even remembering to water your plants isn’t a big issue. They can be potted in tiny vases, then seated on your bookshelves to soak up occasional sunshine and bring new life to your home.

Windowsill herbs are small potted herbs, like basil and parsley, that you place on your windowsill to nurture until you use them as ingredients. Herbs are renewable, so when you harvest the occasional leaf, new ones will sprout. Ergo, you have a constant supply of herbs for your recipes.

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Let the Breeze In!

Open your windows to let the breeze in! Summer breezes are warm and often smell sweet, so they’ll cleanse your home and freshen the air. Make it a habit! Open the windows at dawn and close them at dusk.

When you were a kid, summertime was all fun and sunshine. As an adult with big responsibilities, you can bring some of that nostalgia back by brightening your home with some of the best elements of nature in the summer.